LyniconANC.Base Features

LyniconANC.Base is a Nuget library which provides modules which supply the functions listed below. It's a paid for library and requires a license key which you can buy from the product page. It comes with 1 year of support for any Lynicon products you are working with. The cost is US$300 (VAT or sales tax included) per developer.


Automatically index content items for text-based search, comes with a provider for Elasticsearch.


Two varieties of cache which store all content items, allowing queries to be run to find lists of content items in memory, providing a powerful performance boost.

Soft Delete

Deleted items are retained and flagged as deleted. Supports the Publishing module by allowing publishing of deletions.


Allows editors to work on the unpublished item, and publish when ready. Non-editor site users only see the published version.


Allows for multiple language versions of site content to be maintained, and also for a static text translation dictionary.


Keeps a record of who changed what content item when.

Alternate Urls

Allows arbitrary urls to be associated with any given content item, each url can either divert to the main url or show the page with a canonical tag referencing the main url to avoid SEO problems. Any of the urls can be marked as the main one.


Automatically provide an XML sitemap for the site, using an arbitrary rule to determine what pages are included.