• You always see the page you are editing beside the content editor - avoid unexpected mistakes.
  • Navigation in your site pages works when you are editing content.
  • Images / assets can be uploaded through editor and organised in folders
  • Add delete and reorder lists within the editor
  • Group content in collapsible sections
  • 3 WYSIWYG HTML field editors with increasing complexity
  • Autocomplete field editor for references to other content items
  • Editor allows for lists of different types of items, ideal for specifying page content as a series of editor-selected blocks
  • Range of standard field editors
  • Protection against loss of edits if connectivity or login lost, and warning of change conflicts between users
  • List content items by type, search for text, or use standard filters: output these lists for reporting
  • Add, delete and move url of content items

Front End

  • Lynicon simply supplies content as a model you use in your view, leaving you free to build the front end however you like.
  • Easily output content data as JSON for SPAs and AJAX

Content Data

  • Content structure is defined by C# types
  • A content type can include subtypes, lists, and use inheritance
  • Group fields into sections, apply validation, and change labelling using attributes
  • Store data serialized as JSON in SQL Server
  • Free extension allows for content data to be stored as JSON in a file, no database needed
  • Alternatively, use existing tables (or ones you create) as content data sources
  • Easily extensible content system allows for content stored in files, NOSQL stores etc
  • Specify that content fields have a common value across all instances
  • Combine data from different sources into a content item


  • An extension of MVC routing allows you to specify a content type associated with a route and map the url to a content item
  • The controller receives the content item as a parameter
  • When logged in with editor role, the route manages display of the content editor alongside the page


  • Create, delete and edit users, manage passwords
  • Provider system means you can attach Lynicon to your existing user/identity system
  • Basic roles are User, Editor and Admin, add roles and customise permission system
  • Built-in Lynicon user system allows extension of the user record with custom fields


  • Very powerful module system allows features to be added or removed as required
  • Versioning system allows addition of versioning systems and handles coordination between them and switching via the UI
  • Paid for library provides support for 1 year plus modules to handle search, caching, soft deletion, publishing, audit, association of arbitrary urls with content items and sitemap