Lynicon for Developers

A key reason for the creation of Lynicon was frustration with the developer experience of mainstream .net CMSs. Awkward, unnecessarily complex, inflexible systems which are highly restrictive on your development approach is what we wanted to get away from.

Consequently, Lynicon is clean, elegant, straightforward and performant. Rather than the common approach of the CMS being a website into which you can insert code and script snippets and data, Lynicon is a code library which like any other Nuget package you can add to an existing project and use where you want to. It leaves all the features of ASP.Net Core in place and does not attempt to subvert any of them. It plays nicely with any other library you want to use.

Here is a comprehensive list of features.

When you're ready to build a larger more complex site, the LyniconANC.Base paid-for Nuget package supplies modules to help and includes 1 year's support. See here for the features.