Case Study: Lynicon in Action

In 2015 Great British Chefs wanted to rebuild their website ( Lynicon was used as the CMS for this leading UK food publishing site. Replacing one of the common commercial CMSs it enabled major improvements in a number of areas. As it handles structured content data very well, it was no longer necessary to have a separate system for entering recipe data which is highly structured. The caching strategy of Lynicon enabled a powerful custom recommender system to be built using associations between content items and tags to dynamically select the most related content items to show users. The ability to customise the editor lead to faster recipe entry for the content team. Lynicon's efficiency lead to reduced server load and increased speed. Because it doesn't impose a front end approach it was possible to build the unique design envisaged for the new site.

Best of all, the ease of working with Lynicon lead to the rebuild project and content migration being done bang on time without significant downtime or loss of site traffic.