Lynicon's light weight and flexibility lets you solve CMS problems where there's no other solution.  

Its seamless integration with ASP.Net Core makes it easy to pick up for any developer.  

Our powerful extensions package comes with a support contract  

Install with a single Nuget package in 15 minutes.  

You don't need a database to run it: data can be held in memory and backed up to a file.  

Stores content items as JSON of arbitrary complexity: nested arrays and objects are allowed.  

It's trivial to go headless, reading and writing JSON via an API.  

Or try our new hosted CMS/Services platform  

Solve CMS Problems

Lynicon is a unique solution. Need to add a headless CMS to provide JSON to an Angular front end? Realised you need to add a CMS to an existing project quickly? Need content management for a site you want to run in Docker? Want a front end editor for legacy database tables? Lynicon can handle all these use cases and more.

Easy to use

Because Lynicon works so naturally with the MVC pattern in ASP.Net Core, it really only needs a developer who knows this to read 3 or 4 screens of information to understand Lynicon well enough to do normal CMS tasks.

Powerful extensions

Lynicon has a powerful paid-for extensions package with a year's support contract. Get features like publishing, search, internationalisation, content caching, sitemap etc. With Lynicon there's room to expand. Find out more.

It's just a library

Because Lynicon is just a library, it's super easy to install, just add the Nuget package and run 3 commands to set up the assets and the admin user. But even better, unlike many other CMSs where the CMS is the site, in Lynicon your site is the site and you add the CMS, which means it doesn't interfere with how you build your site or anything you add to it.

No database needed

Install the Lynicon.Extra nuget package and you can run your CMS site without a database saving cost and effort. Even better the backup file in which the content is stored is standard JSON, so you can use it to transfer content between environments.

Structured content as JSON

Content data usually needs sublists, but in most CMSs this is torturous, requiring creation of another content type and forming a tree of content items which then requires management and editing in different screens. In Lynicon you just define a sublist which you edit with all the other content.

Easy headless

Lynicon switches to headless mode, returning JSON content, by simply adding a header to your requests. Tight integration with preview is made possible with Angular and other SPA platforms.

Our new hosted platform

Our new hosted platform is a CMS, a data store, a file store and an API manager, but still clean and simple to use. Join the closed beta at